About Us

Who We Are

Fänas Architecture is a boutique Boulder, Colorado-based architectural firm led by partners, Dale and Elizabeth Smith. We are, by design, a small firm - a firm of talented, excited, professional designers. We procure a limited number of projects at any given time, so as to be responsive to our clients and their projects.

"Fänas" in Gaelic means both space and opportunity. If our work were to be described in a single word, that would have to be ‘appropriate’; appropriate aesthetic, appropriate sustainability, appropriate balance of quality, quantity, and cost.

It’s become a cliché, but as our past clients will attest, we listen.

What We Do

Our team of Boulder Architects specializes in the planning, design and detailing of custom homes, additions & remodels, and a variety of commercial projects. We provide architectural services including: architectural design, interior design, master planning, site and landscaping design, and construction administration.

While the foundation of our firm has been our custom home designs, we do seek smaller, boutique commercial architecture projects, typically incorporating a warm, residential aesthetic. The majority of our agreements with clients are for "Full Service", which is as it sounds. We are involved from initial interviews through the welcoming party at your new home.

​One of the enduring hallmarks of our practice is our commitment to listen, to learn, to become intimate with our clients and their properties, to explore and search for original, creative thought. We explore many options, in search of the best right answers.

How We Do It

Col • lab • o • rate: to work jointly with other or together especially in the intellectual endeavor. Fänas Architecture believes that the best ideas evolve from an engaging and collaborative design process with clients, consultants, builders, and within our own firm.

We utilize all tools and methodologies at our disposal; from the artistry of hand sketches and models, to the most advanced, integrated 3D software available. The actual design of all our projects begins ‘old school’, by hand drafting. The warmth & comfort in hand drawings and renderings also tends to be more ‘user friendly’ in the initial stages of design. This satisfies another priority, which is to assure that we thoroughly communicate the design to our clients. No surprises.

Our Process

By design, Fänas Architecture is a small firm. As you look through our portfolio, you are looking at the work of the people you will be dealing with, partners Dale and Elizabeth Smith. While both have their own style and preferences, and each works somewhat differently, the general process of designing – whether for a new home, remodel, or addition - is very much the same, and can be broken down into phases, each of which focuses on a different aspect of the project. Though these phases sometimes overlap or are combined, depending upon the nature of the project, an understanding of each is important in order to grasp the full scope of the architectural design process.


First Step


Second Step
Schematic Design


Third Step
Design Development


Fourth Step
Construction Documents


Fifth Step
Hiring the Contractor


Sixth Step

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