Complimentary Consultation Services
Learn more about our initial consultation services below.

Complimentary initial consultation:

Our initial meeting involves getting to know as much about your project from you as possible; budget, schedule, priorities, special considerations, etc. We can also provide you with more information on our firm and project approach. Typically, this meeting is about an hour long and the time spent together helps us to help you, by providing direction, insight, help & next steps.

Complimentary preliminary code and zoning analysis:

Wondering what you can do with that existing house if you were to purchase it? It is fast and easy for us to look up local code and zoning regulations and apply these to the project you are proposing. Often, this preliminary information alerts you to potential restrictions and specific requirements related to the project you are considering.

Complimentary site review and evaluation:

We welcome invitations to evaluate potential sites for new projects. By meeting on location, we can help in determining build-ability of the lot, views, solar considerations, preferred access to the site, utility considerations, and any other elements specific to the lot that might affect design and construction.

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