Windcliff Estes Park Mountain Home

Completed in 2023, this generous modern mountain home features stunning mountain views and unparalleled access in Estes Park, Colorado.

Ecological responsibility, and uncompromising views, guided the design of this 4,300 square foot modern mountain home. A conventional driveway and foundation would have left little of this small, 9,900 square foot site unscarred. Placing the house on a series of concrete piers, color-matched to the sites soil, and bridging across from the road, allow original hillside runoff patterns to remain, & flow under the house. It is a home that celebrates the intersection of earth and sky.

The tendrils of this home thread among the existing Lodgepole Pine trees to create a complex intermingling of architecture & landscape. The earthen-colored piers, blurring the boundary between building and site, are juxtaposed against the homes uninterrupted expanse of triple-glazed windows, capturing the dramatic panorama of Rocky Mountain National Park’s Continental Divide, anchored by Longs Peak to the south.

  • Location

    Estes Park, Colorado

  • Services

    Architecture, Interior Architecture