Purchasing a Home in Boulder: Remodels, Additions

Purchasing a home can bring up many feelings: excitement, uncertainty, fear. It’s a strange mix of feelings, but once it’s done, you can’t help but feel proud. This is your home and it’s time to make it feel that way. You may already have some ideas in mind for remodeling or additions you’d like to add. But if you live in Boulder, you may want to slow down your plans to gut and redo your new purchase. There’s a long list of codes to review before taking action.

Know the Boulder Building Codes

For example, the simple idea to replace the windows in your home turns into ensuring “the replacement window shall be in accordance with the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code as adopted, with amendments, by Chapter 10-7, “Energy Conservation and Insulation Code”, B.R.C. 1981, and Chapter 10-7-5 “Green Points”, B.R.C. 1981.” Redoing a bathroom, a common home remodel, becomes subject to the Chapter 10-10 Plumbing Code. And putting in a new fireplace requires you to follow Chapter 10-9.5. That’s a lot to take into consideration when you were trying to update the look of your home.

There are 13 parts that define “Title 10 – Structures” in Boulder’s Code. Or in other words, lots of rules and regulations that aren’t necessarily in laymen’s terms for the everyday reader. Getting the advice of an architect can help you break these codes down when thinking about remodeling or making some new additions, especially on a newly purchased home.

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