Applying for a Building Permit in Boulder County


Building in Boulder County

The process of attaining a building permit in Boulder County may seem lengthy and confusing. We believe the design process should be an exciting and easygoing experience, and we understand your eagerness to break ground and start building your dream home. We’re here to clear things up and make the application process clear and concise. There are several required steps in working with Boulder County before being allowed to submit for building permit. The first is a pre-application meeting. The next step is a Site Plan Review Submittal (or waiver if the project qualifies) This is used to determine adverse impacts of new residential construction or additions over 2,000 square feet. Once the site plan has been approved, you are then allowed to apply for a building permit.

Some of the documents required for a building permit are required for the site plan review, so compiling the remaining documents should not take long. The application calls for a site plan, a foundation plan stamped by a licensed Colorado engineer, dimensioned floor plans of existing conditions (for remodels or additions) and new construction, elevation views, wall sections, details for floors and roofs etc., design evidence of compliance with Boulder County Energy Regulations, and a completed application form. Generally, these drawings should all be generated and prepared by your architect. For new homes, additional documentation includes a soils report, a warranty deed, evidence of water, evidence of sanitation, and details for access to the residence. Depending on the zoning of the residence, there may be additional documents, such as proposed exterior materials for homes in wildfire zones.

For more information about building in Boulder County, see our guide to Navigating Boulder Building on our homepage.

Approval times vary on several aspects, including the amount of permit applications the county reviewing at that time. It’s best to get this application and necessary documents into the county as soon as possible. Once the permit is approved, you have 180 days to commence work. If work stops for 180 days or hasn’t started after 180 days of approval, you will need to acquire a new permit and redo the application process.

At Fänas Architecture, we know how intimidating this process can be, and we are happy to assist you through the application and building process.