Why Do I Need an Architect?

Taking on the task of overseeing a home build or remodel can be extremely overwhelming. Trying to plan out the vision of the house can be time consuming enough, but when it actually comes time to work with contractors, well that can end up being a full time job in itself. This is where an architect can step in and become an invaluable resource for you.

From the initial design of the project to the final flick of a light switch to present the new room or home, an architect will be there to guide you (and your contractors) through the process. Think of the architect as the middleman between you and the contractors. If there’s an issue that arises, which unfortunately will happen at some point, then the architect is there to make sure it gets corrected. For example, the contractor just came in and tiled your new kitchen floor, but it’s not the tile that was agreed about in the design. Well, that’s where an architect steps in to make sure that the right tile is put in and put in correctly.

You also won’t have to spend your nights reading through the long list of codes that Boulder County has in place regarding home builds and remodels. The architect is there to make sure everything is to code and to ensure that you won’t be spending every moment looking over your contractor’s shoulder.

If you’re still unsure how an architect can help you then feel free to give us a call. “Why do I need an architect?” is our most common question and we understand that it’s not always a clear answer. We have offices in Boulder, Colorado and Durango, Colorado and we’re happy to help!