Working With Fänas Architecture: What To Expect

What to Expect

You’ve collected magazine clippings, created boards on Pinterest, and watched countless hours of home design shows on television. You have a dozen ideas of what you want your custom home to be, and you know you need an expert. Designing your custom home can be a fun project, but it is one that requires an expert to help you execute your vision. Architects can not only help you pull together your ideas, but expand upon that design while making sure the building functions properly and safely. Fänas Architects works with many Colorado homeowners, just like you, who have a vision for their new home, but need the expert guidance of a designer and architect.

We Give a Voice to Your Vision

A very important part of what we do at Fänas Architecture is give a voice to the vision you have inside you. We ask questions to understand what you want and need in your custom home. We ask questions to get to know what feel, tone, and style you want your home to have.

We Help You Design Your Home

As designers, we can help you bring your vision to the project, but also make suggestions to enhance the design. Our designers and architects are well-versed in design principles and trends. We stay on top of the latest in custom home projects and can offer suggestions to add to the overall vision of the home. When you work with Fänas Architecture, your home will be truly you, and truly unique.

We Approach Your Home as a Team

We believe that your home needs to be approached as a team effort. We seek to make the process easy for client, contractor, architect, and any consultants. We play a major role in facilitating transfer of ideas and information between all parties involved. Hiring an architect is vital to making sure that important construction and design details don’t go ignored. We work alongside your contractor and any consultants to make sure that your project is executed properly. We seek to provide you the services needed from start to finish to ensure that your home is truly the masterpiece that you have dreamed of.

At Fänas Architecture you can have the house of your dreams executed in a smart and creative way. We believe in working with you, alongside you, and for you to design a truly beautiful home. We would love to talk with you about your vision for your custom home in Boulder, Durango, or anywhere in Colorado!